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Korean Journal of Child Health Nursing 1999;5(2):136-150.
A Study on the Triage and Statitical Data by the 5 Developmental Stages of the Children in Emergency Room, PNU.
Young Hae Kim, Hwa Ja Lee, Seok Ju Cho
1Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, PNU, Korea.
2Departmenf of Emergency Medicine, College of Medicine, PNU, Korea.
The subjects, under 18 old, 2,694 children who visited ER during 199H, were surveyed by the Triage and other statical data. The results were as follows : 1. The male to female ratio was 1.7 : 1, and the toddler(1-4 old) was the majority. 2. Triage : critical 1.3%, acute 14.6%, urgent 29.5%, nonemergent 54.6%. 3. The reasons of visiting ER : 1) The children had diseases(46.5%), injury (36.9%), TA(5.6%) and toxication(1.0%). 2) In diseases, male to female ratio was 1.5 : 1 and in injury, male to female was 2 : 1. 3) Among the children having in TA, 12-18 old groups was the majority(34.9%). 4. The time of visiting ; the 20 : 00-22 : 00 was the majority(16.9%). 5. By monthly and seasonal distribution ; Jan. (9.7%?), Mar. and May(9%) respectively, Dec. and July(6.7%) respectively. The children who visited ER in spring and autumn showed higher portion than those of summer and winter. 6. Results : admission(27.4%), discharge(68.4%), operations(2.8%), and DOA and DAA(0.4%). The mortality of the infancy and toddler groups was 83.3%. The infancy group showed the highest rate of admission. 7. The time of staying in ER : 1-2 hrs was the major group(23.3%) and the average was 4.6 hours. 8. By clinical departments ; Ped, was 34.4%, PS was 20.8.%, Dental Surgery was 10.3% and Dermatology was 0.9%. 9. The types of visiting : the group who visited by themselves was 80%, transfer from the primary and secondary clinic was 17% and OPD was 3.0%. 10. The traffic means ; by the own cars and taxi were 87.6%, by hospital ambulance was 6.1% and by 119 ambulance was 4.3%.
Key words: The Triage; The statistical data
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